Shots from our shops

Our Main Branch MZ
The pictures speak for themselves.We offer over 400 products from approximately 30 artisans and artisan groups now totaling over 200 people supplying to Mary & Martha

A large selection of hand embroidered bags

A massive selection of cushion covers and table runners that are just not found anywhere else in town

Vintage Wall Hangings that are dated by the embroiderer because the hanging was made for a special occasion such as a marriage or birthday. We have dated hangings from the early 1950's up to about 2006.  After this date most wall hangings are machine embroidered.  All our hangings are hand embroidered taking up to 6 months to produce each hanging.

Fine scarves, shawls, hats, ponchos and blankets in cashmere, baby camel, yak, and wool

Hand Painted Silk Scarves and a large selection of locally made jewellery.

Fine Felt Slippers - Aladdins, Royals and natural blended grey colours are all original from Mary & Martha.  When pricing slippers in other shops find out if they are made from high grade fleece (like our merino) if if under pressing they are harder factory felt.  We also have a large range of Yak and Camel socks and we think the largest range of spun yarns made from cashmere, yak and camel.

Hand Painted Silk Ties, Silk and Blend Ties 

We buy old severely damaged wall hangings and have them recycled in to all sorts of bags, table runners and even pieces of wall hangings you can decide what to do with.
There are many other products not mentioned here.  Come browse in the two shops that are only 5 minutes apart.  There is a good level of English spoken in the shops and a smattering of German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and maybe Dutch as well as Mongolian.

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