Oct 1, 2014

Do you think you have been double-charged?

We want to put things right

Mary & Martha recently added a Khan Bank card machine to complement its Golomt Bank machines to allow more flexibility in cards accepted. 

On 2 occasions in September, customer cards have been charged when the machine said the card/transaction had been ‘rejected’.    The amounts were:  
36,500 MNT NO NAME, and 314,000 MNT (twice!), to CHRISTINE.
Khan bank personnel have verbally admitted it is their bank system problem and we can confirm it is NOT a M&M staff problem.   We found out when we were paid twice!

The bank say they have NO method to contact customers (unlike other banks) to reimburse their cards.  M&M have now stopped using the Khan Bank for card purchase transactions and are awaiting an official apology for the distress and difficulty caused to M&M and our customers.

Pass this on to friends, visitors and expats living in Mongolia who may be one of the 2 people double charged.   We would like to be in contact with these customers  so we can be confident they get their money back!  Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Irene of Mary & Martha
(976) 99 72 52 97