Oct 1, 2014

Do you think you have been double-charged?

We want to put things right

Mary & Martha recently added a Khan Bank card machine to complement its Golomt Bank machines to allow more flexibility in cards accepted. 

On 2 occasions in September, customer cards have been charged when the machine said the card/transaction had been ‘rejected’.    The amounts were:  
36,500 MNT NO NAME, and 314,000 MNT (twice!), to CHRISTINE.
Khan bank personnel have verbally admitted it is their bank system problem and we can confirm it is NOT a M&M staff problem.   We found out when we were paid twice!

The bank say they have NO method to contact customers (unlike other banks) to reimburse their cards.  M&M have now stopped using the Khan Bank for card purchase transactions and are awaiting an official apology for the distress and difficulty caused to M&M and our customers.

Pass this on to friends, visitors and expats living in Mongolia who may be one of the 2 people double charged.   We would like to be in contact with these customers  so we can be confident they get their money back!  Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Irene of Mary & Martha
(976) 99 72 52 97

May 15, 2014


Everyone talks about the weather!

So we had 12cm of snow on the Thursday night.  Temperatures rose above freezing and suddenly we were a shop with a river passing by.  Our first day was a little slow ....

But the word was getting around about our VINTAGE Wall Hanging Shop.

A bit drab on the outside - but take a peak ...
 BUT more than 50 wall hangings to select from (from 12 years old to over 40 years old), having spent their lives in Kazakh Gers in the West of Mongolia.  AND a second room filled with Recycled Wall Hanging products - cushion covers, all sorts of bags and even wrist bands for the more trendy.

Saturday and Sunday brought out the Mary & Martha supporters, all ready to shop till they dropped.  Sales on the Saturday were our 2nd best day ever due to a gentleman from New York bagging 11 wall hangings and many table runners.  Sunday was still an amazing day for May.  The result was a good day for customers, Mary & Martha, and our artisans in this unique supply chain.  AND four charities in Mongolia will now benefit from Mary & Martha donations based on our sales.

Of course we were forced to celebrate WFTD and the start to our summer season.

May 3, 2014

World Fair Trade weekend with Mary & Martha

Spring is in the air and World Fair Trade Day is here next Saturday 10th May - but why just one day?  At Mary & Martha we've extended it over a Friday - Sunday weekend ... in the hope that gradually every day will become a Fair Trade Day.