Nov 10, 2012

Registered again with WFTO

Prepared for the next two years

Yes, with the help of Friedi from Germany conducting an independent assessment for Mary & Martha, WFTO have granted our certificate for the next two years.  We give thanks for a very fast and smooth question and response process operated by WFTO Asia and Central.  And thank you Friedi -an angel in the right place at the right time

We're tired, stretched and exhilarated by all that has happened this year.  Business is up just over 50% on last year; it means our artisans have had their best year ever! Hannah from New York has helped us with photography and product designs.  In the summer, when we were most busy, Laura and Chris stepped in at just the right time.  Charis has been in and out of UB each time giving great ideas for new products and supporting production organisation.  Gunhild has worked on colours and household textiles and Helen has supported our shop; events and our staff.  We're blessed with many other volunteers and supporters.

We've bought our shop - and have a huge loan of course - but it gives us stability for the future in a very unstable rental market.

Currently we're working on an e-Shop with a web designer in Mongolia and seriously hope to have it operational in first quarter 2013.  We continue to receive orders from customers from all over the work who have visited our shop and are seeking more products - what an encouragement!