Sep 4, 2012


Dear Mary and Martha

I have bought many things in your shop on my work visits to UB. On a recent trip I bought one of your camels and I thought you might like to see that he is now enjoying a new life in Thailand - as you can see from the photo!

Genghis in Thailand
When we play golf we have money on several things. One of them is on bunkers. If someone goes in a bunker they have the 'camel' until someone else goes in one, and the person holding the camel at the end has to pay the other players. Until recently we just used to remember who had the camel but then I found this one in your shop and he is now kept in Thailand  for all our matches here. He quickly attracted the name Genghis and is proud of it as you can see in the photo. I think he likes it in Thailand. (The caddies love him and are always reluctant to pass him on to the next player!).

Thank you Richard for brightening our day!
We'd love to hear about how well travelled our products are - Genghis seems to have found a real mini Gobi!