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Our Shops in town: 

Coming from the State Department Store.    

Passing the first Bus Stop and "Broadway" - look up for our 3 meter x 8 meter sign - turn left, look for the latest version of the French Bakery and you'll see Mary & Martha MZ Branch, eight rooms to wander through, with all kinds of gifts to suit Home Decor (for every room), Clothing, Accessories, Footwear (Slippers and Socks from exotic materials), Quirky items and of course gifts for celebrations and Christmas.

Coming from Chinggis Khan (Sukhbaatar) Square

Past the Main Post Office, over the first main T-junction, along to Cashmere House, at the immediate small road look for our 1 x 1m sign. Turn right, up to the latest version of the French Bakery and you'll see Mary & Martha MZ Branch.

Product Ranges


We feature the largest number of Kazakh Wall Hangings in Mongolia plus a variety of "Recycled" / "Up-cycled" wall hanging products. On occasions you can meet our resident embroiderer to see how hangings are made.

During the summer we also have our Calligrapher available to "Paint your Name".

Current Head Office:

Office: 12A, Building 23/1, Behind Gyals Centre, 15th Micro District, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
Telephone Numbers:
English:                          976 99725297 IRENE Owner
                                     976 99842260 BILL Owner
Mongolian & English:       976 95200841 MEEGA Retail Manager

Current Operations Office:

We have an operations office in Shin Nalaikh, about 30km outside of Ulaanbaatar.  Here we office all our support services such as Purchasing, Warehousing, Logistics, Accounting and basic limited Production.

Registered Company: 5131529 Mary & Martha Mongolia LLC


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  2. Would love to buy a nativity. Can u send to the USA?

    1. Hi Nancy, just received more nativity sets in our shop. We can mail to the USA. Can you email me on from your email so I can give you all the costs involved and how to pay. We'd love to make this happen. Bill M.

  3. I am delighted to hear that you have nativity sets, as we have held the honor of having the only one for some years now! This is Lynne Noble, and my husband and bought the first / only you had ..... I'd love to get more. Do you have them now? I plan to come for a visit in August...also have friends coming over here in June. I would be glad to buy/pay for them, and have you "save" them for me?

  4. Hi Lynne, we have stocks in and will be happy to save them for you without you paying. Can you email me on so I can get in touch by email.

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  6. Contact me by your email on and I can help. We have nativities and ship worldwide