May 6, 2016

World Fair Trade Day 2016 - 14th May

The Fair Trade movement likes to focus the world on Fair Trade throughout the world once a year - 14th May this year.  

Those of us running Fair & Ethical businesses live Fair Trade every day of the year so that people on the street get the message every single day.

To align with the WFTO big day we are inviting our faithful customers and their friends to visit Mary & Martha on 14th - 15th May to learn more about our Fair & Ethical Business.

Read on to see what we are doing through the weekend of 14th - 15th May.

There is even more reasons to visit Mary and Martha -  a few weeks ago we opened a second shop on Peace Avenue (very near Cafe Amsterdam) focusing on Yak, Camel, and Cashmere clothing, shawls, scarves, hats and socks as well as silk scarves and felted silk scarves & shawls.

In our main branch we have introduced more (new) products and expanded the shop floor space.

Less than 5 minutes walk between shops and no crazy UB roads to cross. Come visit any day.

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