May 12, 2016

URGENT Disappearing Signage

The big 3 x 8 meter sign on the side of Cashmere house which guides so many of our customers into our shop is being taken down by the District as part of the Peace Avenue BEAUTIFICATION process ready for ASEM.

As with most contracts in Mongolia, the one we have with the Local Government Authorities has been declared illegal - we pay a lot of money for our signage - and if we do not remove the signage, we will be billed for the removal.  So it is not only the mining companies that have to deal with the lack of honour in contracting.

Doing business in Mongolia at all levels does not improve.  The sad thing is the BEAUTIFICATION process will end up being superficial at best!  It seems sad fixing things isn't a part of an ongoing process for UB residents rather than to try to impress ASEM visitors for a few hours.

OK so walking from the west from the State Department Store FIRST look for our new shop that focuses on high quality Yak, Camel, Cashmere, Silk and Woolen garments and accessories.  Then, having visited, walk on west another 50 meters LOOKING UP FOR THE WALL of the SIDE of CASHMERE HOUSE and just walk up the small side street about 50 meters to find Mary & Martha.


  1. Yikes. So discouraging. Good WILL come--Heaven Rules. --I keep repeating this as US politics play out!

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