May 21, 2016


One week on from World Fair Trade Day and it is business as unusual - because every day in Mary & Martha is unusual.

Business as unusual on World Fair Trade Day because we were so well supported by the Ulaanbaatar community and by many early in the year travellers.  Business as unusual because all our summer students took part in an amazing day; a day typical of a high season day but out of high season.

We had lots of interest in our newly opened second shop; we had lots of interest in "what is Fair & Ethical" all about; we had lots of interest in all the artisans we represent; we had lots of spending; we had lots of interest in our names in old Mongolian Script prepared on the spot by our resident calligrapher, free to the many big spenders.

And based on our weekend sales we are able to donate close to MNT 500,000, divided between our two named good causes.

Now we are gearing up for we hope a very busy summer - we hope all the ASEM representatives can get the opportunity to visit our shops in mid July. And we hope elections good smoothly so there is no disruption to business.


  1. Great start to what we all hope will be a very good season!

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