May 15, 2015

Sad Loss to M+M and the Kempinski Customers

For nearly 5 years the Management and Staff of the Kempinski Khan Palace Hotel in UB have supported Fair Trade by allowing Mary & Martha to have a display cabinet in their lobby. This came about from the forward thinking of the German management who genuinely supported fair trade BUT also realised the value, commercially, since so many of their customers associated the Kempinski with the support of fair trade through Mary & Martha.

Unfortunately times are difficult in Mongolia and the Mongolian Owners of the Kempinski have seen a need to remove Mary & Martha so they can introduce their none fair trade approved products (socks) for sale. So sadly this is the end or a very good mutually beneficial relationship.

All is not lost - just 6 weeks ago Mary & Martha introduced fair trade socks to our shop in town - Camel, Yak and Cashmere - and the socks are just walking out of the shop!

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