May 14, 2015

Fair Trade Weekend Results

Well Supported is an Understatement!

People in Ulaanbaatar came out in force, bought well and donated well towards rebuilding Nepal.  Sales were really encouraging as were comments about service and product quality.

The fund raising result was USD 1,300 for Nepal.  A big thank you to everyone who took part.  The fair trade theme was "Be an Agent for Change". It was aimed at supporting the fair trade supply chain ensuring everyone in the chain can achieve a living wage whilst the customer receives quality products at reasonable prices.  BUT through the donations you are all Agents for Change in the lives of people in Nepal who are suffering so much at this time.

Challenges for Mary & Martha!

As governmental decisions are made about making Ulaanbaatar pavements more accessible once more, we are also trying to comply.  The initial move by authorities is to try to remove all extensions build since 2007 that affect pavements - our front shop steps are guilty as charged BUT we hope that the guilt of 2 steps does not lead to the loss of the full extension.  If the walls do come down, it will happen in our busiest time of year and could obliterate any change of a profitable / sustainable year for Mary & Martha - so we really hope authorities will be reasonable.

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