Jun 14, 2013

Graduates Galore

Mary & Martha have a small core staff and employ students part time during their studies and full time during their vacations.  Over the last 3 years all students have come from Ulaanbaatar University and all major in "Training to be English Teachers" or training to be English translators.  Our arrangement with the University is mutually beneficial; we have a flexible sales force, the students have regular income and the University sees major improvements in the student's spoken English after working with M+M for 3 or more months.  We think it is significant that most of our full time staff started out part time when they were students and chose to join us on graduation.

This year has seen three of our students graduate from Ulaanbaatar University; two as English Teachers and one as a Translator.  All have chosen to work with us during our busy summer season.  All three still have to decide "what next".  Then we have a fourth graduate, who has done a fast track accountancy diploma, whilst working with M+M and learning to do M+M accounts. 

We're proud and grateful to be involved in the lives of all these students and we hope we are a real encouragement to them.
Tsegii and Uyunga our graduating English Teachers
Deligat (Translator Graduate) with her proud brother
Badmaa (Diploma in Accounting) with a proud boss
M+M Staff with new graduates - we all celebrate together
M+M Staff with our artisan friends from Asylmura and Deligat

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