May 29, 2013

WFTD Been and Gone

Well, we wonder if Mongolia is actually ready for Fair Trade.  We held World Fair Trade Day (actually over 3 days) and were supported by the "faithful" members of the Expatriate community and a number of interested tourists.  For that we are grateful.  However, there is a sense with elections coming up and position changing over foreign investment laws, Fair Trade is of little importance to most people.

We continue to tell our artisans and staff that what we do is of value, even if it seems small compared to life's problems and insignificant in a land that sees mining solving all life's problems.

The good news is sales were on par with WFTD 2012 and in the process about USD 200 was raised for projects supported by the International Women's Association of Mongolia. And several people won prizes in our WFTD draw.

We celebrated a successful WFTD with our staff highlighting all the hard preparation work we have done ready for our main sales season.

We have taken on and are now training extra staff for the summer - helping them to learn about Mary & Martha, our Artisans, Fair Trade Principles and how to be Unashamedly Ethical ... more on that in a future Blog.

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