May 15, 2012

Post WFTD - Looking Back

Mary and Martha Celebrations

We celebrated WFTD by extending it to 3 days, giving a sense of before , now and after.  We were well publicised to the Expatriate community through Mongolian Buuz, the British Business Group and IWAM (International Women's Association of Mongolia).  We had a small mention online by the UB Post.  We 're grateful for all the support we received.

We broke out the summer uniforms only to have the temperature drop to below zero and for snow to fall for quite a long part of the day.
Far warmer down below in the Basement Shop
During the day the daughter of one of our artisans dressed in Traditional Kazakh clothes and demonstrated Kazakh Embroidering for may interested customers.
And at the end of the three day celebrations more than USD 3000 worth of products had been sold to very happy customers.

We just wish our motto could become a reality -


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  1. Amazing pics! Glad it all went well. --I would have LOVED to see the Kazakh embroidery demo!