Jul 31, 2011

Shop by Flash Light


Our landlord arrives late but we're into the basement shop by 10.30.  Still working through the aftermath of heavy rain this year in a country that simply does not do humidity. 11am and folk arriving on the late night / early morning flights are wandering in, trying to stay awake and trying to get their bearings.  Others who are getting ready to leave are doing their final shopping.

Pitch Black in the Basement

We are suddenly hit by the UB power cut; the shop is in total darkness - but calmly our staff grab the safety lights to prevent customers from having accidents; another staff saves vital information and closes down the computer. And then ...

Break out the Cave Lights

Our manager informs customers that now everything is under control they can continue to shop ... looks of disbelief until our manager helps a customer to put on one of our Cave Lights ... and shopping continues as though it is quite normal to "look for products" with your shopping flash light.

Breaking with Tradition

Word is getting around and more shoppers are arriving for a possible once in a lifetime experience.  An orderly queue has formed at the door as other shoppers and their personal shop assistants fill their baskets.  No electronic point of sale - just back to the trusty notebook.  But the fully charged Credit Card machine keeps chugging away.  We refuse to close!

The Fun Continues

So the sudden power cut which no one knew was going to happen, and expected it to be short, continued for the rest of the day.  Shopping continued until the lights became dull and it was normal closing time.  Mary & Martha are convinced shoppers just loved their experience - where else can you go and shop in the basement by Cave Light and still pay by credit card.

Going the Extra Mile
Mary & Martha are keen to look for innovative ways of serving our Artisans by continuing sales at all times and very keen to give customers a genuine Fair Trade experience despite "normal" UB actions such as power cuts.  COME SHOP WITH US. 

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