Jun 19, 2011

High Altitude Shopping

Or moving upmarket!

We're always looking for ways of increasing sales for our Artisans.  The Latest venture / adventure is THE DECK.  It is hard to raise your profile, never mind highlight your shop entrance when it is in the second basement level after going through a poorly lit Mongolian Stationary Shop and when the restrictions for above ground sign-age are major.

So our latest cunning promotional plan has been to hire the wooden deck of a Hair Dressing Salon run by a bemused Korean lady.

So as you can see we have a form of awning and more sign-age, wonderful customer facilitators AND of course products on display.  Two days in and the actual sales are low - break even level - but everyone who visits THE DECK also overcome their fears of the subterranean cave system and burst into the light of our best kept secret - THE BASEMENT SHOP - maybe with a little help from our staff who are out looking for customers.  Better still customers buy as well as looking!

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