May 2, 2011

Exporting but loosing momentum

The good news is exporting from Mongolia has gone ON LINE.  Yes, we can now complete our data input on line and collect our export papers two hours later ...

It is at this point that the momentum drops.  Every process is as strong as its weakest link.  The customs process at the Main Post Office is the weak link in this case.  Not only are the rules relating to product category, invoicing style, number matching to 1 100th of a MNT (0.000008 of a USD) continually open to different interpretation BUT also the DESK Service involves 3 people processing the same application.  The connection between desks seems to be by a rather dodgy internet connection - not even by standard network.  Last visit the system continually crashed - taking over 3 hours to complete our process paperwork.

But sometimes the quirks and vagaries come out positive.  For once we did not have to take every one of our 75 items out of the well packed box so the customs official was absolutely sure we were not shipping "irregular" gold bars.  Further more, although practised "queuers" we were not embarrassed one bit when a Post Office official recognised us and forced us to jump the que, I think to gain merit.

However, due to the time taken by customs we missed the pick up slot for the goods to make the next day flight so momentum was lost again while the said box stewed for the next 4 days.

We give thanks for having a GOOD EXPORTING DAY.

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  1. loved/hated this one. Yes, it made laugh and say, "yep!...that's it exactly" / hated that "yep...that's it exactly." This is SUCH a promising culture, but extracting the post Soviet stuff so that there is an actual FLOW of ideas (and goods!) takes the patience of a camel. Good on ya!