Mar 23, 2011

Blessed Education

Blessed by our education or without it led to do some interesting things!

Take 1:
I feel under the weather today ... I'll take an antibiotic.  Do you mean a course?  No just one will do and I don't need the plastic capsule ... I'll just break it open and swallow the contents. That is not how antibiotics work or should be taken.  It is in our locality.

Take 2:
I think my toe bones are growing too fast.  My feet will be too big.  I'm going to treat it the local way ... drip vinegar on to the flesh above the bone.  Agh!  Why is my foot burning?  Because the vinegar was the regular 70%. Besides which unless you're trying to kill your toe, this treatment will never work.  It does in our locality.

Take 3:
My mobile phone just went up in smoke and with a bang.  What happened?  I tried to fix my charger like I fixed my hair dryer.I cut the wires and tried to join them back into the little black box.  They were too small so I just pushed them straight into the socket like we do with other electrical things.  Maybe the charger steps down the voltage.  No, all electrical things work the same in our locality!

Could be worse.  I've heard of tablets and capsules being pushed into the ear for direct results rather than taking orally.  Frost bite is one sure way of reducing bone length and the safe way to fix a charger is to buy a new one at less than 2 USD.

Miracles happen: A trip to the repair centre was greeted with "everyone brings their dead and dying phones to me expecting me to "raise them up"". Fix, fix ... there you go, 30 USD lighter but the phone is back in action.

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